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At Good Knight Roofing we specialize in re-roofing wind damaged roofs in the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs, Colorado areas. If there have been high winds in your area, and you need a wind damaged roof replaced, call Good Knight Roofing to have a professional roofing contractor inspect your home or business roof.Good Knight Roofing offers a free roof inspection, evaluation, and estimate regarding wind damage re-roofing, and insurance claims.

How Does Wind Damage Occur To A Roofing System?

The main cause of wind damage is a result of the partial vacuum created by wind blowing over the edge of the roof. Nature tries to neutralize the low-pressure area by bringing in air from a higher pressure area, usually from inside the building. This air pushes up on the bottom side of the roof assembly and, over time, loosens fasteners and breaks the adhesion making the roof susceptible to damage from the next moderate or strong wind. To counteract the effects of wind-uplift forces, the roofing and insulation should be adequately fastened to the roof deck, and a securely-fastened perimeter detail should be provided.

Roofing materials subjected to high winds and flying debris can experience damage. Most roofs are not designed to withstand strong winds of hurricane or tornado intensity. Sometimes roofing systems can be damaged by moderate winds of 50 to 75 miles per hour.
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